Rock and Soul

Aug, 15



I had initially spied this dress on a fashion blog I stumbled across a few weeks ago and had been dying for an easy-to-wear bell sleeve piece for a while. Upon discovering it was a Zara number I immediately had to procure one for myself (and at only £19.99 in the sale, it was a no-brainer!) In fact, if you mosey on over to the Zara website right now, they have unfortunately, sold out of this sassy white number, but they do have a gorgeous patterned alternative and it’s now a mere £7.99! WHAT a Summer BARGAIN I hear you cry!

Now, I hadn’t actually intended on sharing this information with the entirety of the inter-web, but on one particular weekend of late I wore this dress from Friday, right through to Sunday, bar sleeping in it, of course; (yes, I  a vile creature) because I loved wearing it that much and it was unbelievably easy to throw on with my gladiator sandals or heels.

I’ve always adored a good bell sleeve, but they’ve become so accessible and they’re fast becoming a go to for the throngs of the fashion forward. This is inevitably due to the 70’s being back in full paisley force and permeating the high streets thick and fast. However, I’m not sure if the bell sleeve is going to become a staple piece in my sometimes sartorially intransigent wardrobe for the foreseeable, or I’m just caught up in the hype for now.

Although, I will just point out, make sure you aren’t about to cook up a 3 course meal or partake in any arts and crafts when wearing a bell sleeve, as it could end up rather unappreciatively messy.






I’m wearing a Zara dress, Urban Outfitter’s sunglasses, old Tk Maxx suede tassel handbag and Tk Maxx gladiator sandals.

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