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Mar, 16

Blogging against the elements is a bummer

I must admit, I’m usually quite fortunate with the weather conditions when it comes to shooting my blog. When I decide to shoot an outfit, the weather man, (Yes, cue having ‘Blame it on the Weather Man’ by B*Witched ringing round your noggin, now ) is very kind to me – So thank you, weather Gods. Blogging against the elements is a bummer.

On this particular day, however, the weather Gods were not feeling so kind (Fuck you weather Gods) and decided to let it rip upon our merry heads.

I think we made the best out of a shit and wet situation here, so thank you to my total mega babe, Omar for shooting this. Despite it pissing down, you never fail to make me laugh uncontrollably, all the while, looking like a soggy biscuit.











 I’m wearing: Denim dress: Zara, Leopard print shirt: Charity shop, Black concertina detail blazer: Charity shop from a million moons ago.

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