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Jun, 17

The espadrille – Castaner

The espadrille, Castaner – Try mixing second hand with new –

Believe it or not but sometimes, on occasion, I like to mix it up a little (gasp!) and take to the high street to see what there is on offer in the way of high street fashion and spy the current trends. Heck, sometimes, I even like to explore the online shopping vortex and see what the fashion world is telling us all to buy next via the inter web.

But I do think it’s important to mix second hand with high street and/or designer, because I find it to be a refreshing way to bring elements together from different decades. And one brand new item can be worn in so many ways with your pre-existing second hand wardrobe.

Aaaaand, cue my new obsession!

When I noticed (how could you not?) the espadrille trend growing ever more apparent on my Instagram feed and usual online haunts, I started to explore where to source the best pair I could. My research took me to the world of online Spanish shoe Goddesses, Castaner. Worn by the likes of a la mode French fashion bloggers, Jeanne Damas, Adenorah and Camille Charriere, of course I had to have a pair. The epitome of french cool, not only are they some of the comfiest shoes I’ve ever owned, they are perfect for the inevitable transition from relaxed day time attire of cropped denim jeans and t shirt, to partying the night away in, without the risk of blisters!

Go check out Castaner here –

I’m wearing: Blue Carina espadrilles in Marino Navy – Shirt: Oxfam – Jeans: Vintage Levi’s.

All photo’s by Alex Amoros


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