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Aug, 16












Wearing denim culottes from Oxfam, H&M shirt but also from Oxfam and black Zara boots.

The culotte, almost as man repelling as the dungaree? Answers on postcards.

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Jun, 16


In a week where the uncertainty of the demise of our cherished EU was well and truly at the forefront of everyone’s consciousness , I knew it didn’t sit well with me to post my usual Friday blog last week, on how I like to ponce about in my dad’s old vintage Levis jeans and wang on about my newly cut bangs that my friend did for me after work at the office.

Friday was a dark, dark day for many and definitely for me and my new bangs. When I arose to the news and slowly absorbed what Radio 4 was breaking to the nation, I kind of surprised myself when I found myself in the midst of an early morning sob, and in my bed bound state, I couldn’t quite seem to fathom why the general public had favoured the vote in this way.

I was in the bath (yes I have baths in the morning because I’m boujis AF) and thought to jokingly text my politically conscious boss that I was very sorry, but I couldn’t make it in to work today as my disappointment in the country was too much to take. I was clearly(?) joking, but I later text again saying I was most definitely going to be late, as my utter dismay had taken over my ability to get ready like a normal grown up and be on time for work. (FML – What happened to this acronym, by the way?! Answers on postcards, please.)

This may sound like an overreaction to some, but being the nostalgic wanker that I am, the notion of not being unified with the rest of the EU fills me with resolute, big, fat, sorrow – No, the EU is not necessarily representative of all that Europe stands for, but the solidarity we’ve shared is something we worked undeniably hard for post war and have maintained for over 40 years.

Ultimately, the nation will vote due to what they deem best for their own economic interest and welfare – And we vote on propaganda that has been drip fed to us during the build-up. positive (Fucking awful Farage bill boards akin to Hitler youth).

The state of uncertainty and potential confusing trajectory I feel the society in the UK will be living in now truly petrifies me and I know, although it will take 2 years to fully implement the changes, I for certain, do not want to live in a country run by a bumbling, blonde, overgrown baby whose name rhymes with ‘Morris’ and ‘Sponson’, and who considers Donald Trump an ally and friend. That my friend, is not a narrative i wish to not be a part of. N.B ( Since writing this Boris announced he would not be running, thank fuck, and Theresa May is a possible candidate – which just feels like the Iron Lady all over again.)

My favourite tweet from Hugh Laurie on the morning of the results: narrative

“Best of 3?”

This excerpt from the financial times sums up the loss pretty well for me:

“We will never know the full extent of the lost opportunities, friendships, marriages and experiences we will be denied.”

Still pretty bummed so here are some weird pictures of me looking pensive AF in my dads jeans and new bangs, anyway.







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Oct, 15

Dexys Midnight Rediscoverer’s

The bandana is back! (for my neck at least)

I’m at an age now where I can recount being an ’emo’, with mixed emotions, (touches of embarrassment, hints of fondness and lashings of nostalgia). During the early-mid naughties it was in part, a socially accepted norm, to be an ’emo.’

One fundamental part of my uniform during those heady times, was my red bandana. I swore by my red bandana. It was always round my neck worn like a cowboy/wannabe gangster, or folded over and donned round my noggin, a la 50’s pin-up style. Sometimes, even tied to another bandanna and worn as a belt! How kooky(!) *sigh*

ANYWAY, I visited my parents last weekend and stumbled upon the forgotten, dusty gem of a neckerchief and decided to bring it back to life once more, and tie this simple outfit together with a pop of colour at the neck and striking orange woollen coat that I unearthed in a small town (always the best kind) charity shop for nine whole English pounds and 50 pence.

Not forgetting my new Mango black jean flares which I absolutely adore and have worn 4 days in a row this week already. I’m starting to think my work colleagues may think I binned all my other trousers and have since sworn to wear these forever and ever amen. (Maybe I might just do that?!)


What will be your next rediscover?






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I’m wearing: T-shirt: Cos, (similar here) Flares: Mango, Cowboy boots: Rokit Vintage,  (selection at Rokit here) Coat: Charity Shop, Satchel: Vintage, Belt: Vintage, Sunglasses: Camden Market cheapies, Bandana: Old school emo shop.


Aug, 15

Joining the Suede Brigade

If you’ve been too busy sobbing over the demise of the latest news of the cataclysmal One Direction split then you may not have noticed the gradual suede awakening that has been creeping on to the high street this season.

Black and tan in blocks of colour are my preference in suede for right now and I intend on carrying that right through to the Autumnal months, (which kind of feel like they may have already arrived, sniff sniff.)











summer4I’m wearing: Black suede dress: Charity Shop, Black tassel bag (again): TK Maxx, Shoes: Topshop


May, 15
Mar, 15


“The last time I wore these polka dot dungarees a year or so ago I got told I looked like I was wearing a babies pyjamas.”


I wore aforementioned dungarees on Saturday night to a friends house and two male friends commented on them; one saying I looked like I was wearing my jammies and the other decided that me wearing dungarees full stop was amusing… I MEAN.

My point is, there are just some clothes that men will never understand (high waisted boyfriend jeans being one of them) and will continue to communicate this to you until you feel acutely self conscious and want to cut them up with gardening shears in a fit of rage.

blog6And if you do like my dungarees, well I got them in River Island about three years ago, but don’t worry, other pyjamas are still available in all good superstores near you.




Polka dot dungarees: River Island

Black Polo neck: Charity shop

Black furry coat: Charity shop

Suede tan Wedges: Topshop

Mar, 15

“It’s a nice day for a white wedding”

“When one of your best friends gets married and you cry at the ceremony like an overgrown baby wearing your Grannies mink.”

It can be tricky knowing what to wear to a Wedding, but I think in this day and age the protocol for flouncy dresses and audacious hats has been somewhat slackened (much to my jollity). As witnessed, I seldom adhere to typical wedding garb for such  wondrous occasions, this being, my friend Rose’s wedding. The leopard platform Jeffrey Campbell shoes I’m wearing here I only ever seem to wear at weddings and I’m too not sure why as they scream the opposite of virginal and innocence, don’t you think?

The ‘Bridesmaids’ pre wedding.

meandmarnWhat I’m wearing:

Old fedora from Primark circa 2008.

Black midi dress picked up from a thrift market in South of France on a recent holiday.

Faux snakeskin clutch bag – charity shop.

Sunglasses – absolutely no idea?!

Vintage mink coat – Vintage (my Granny’s)

Somebody snapped me being far too happy about throwing confetti on the happy couple.


Rose wearing a vintage dress from the online shop; Waiste.


The Happy Couples.


Feb, 15

Model – Charlotte Jane Interview

Having modelled on and off since I was 14, I know a lot of what the modelling industry has to offer (and occasionally take away) from young girls lives. But when I stumbled across Aussie mega babe, Charlotte Jane of Maverick Models in Melbourne via Instagram, I knew I had to know more about the doe eyed beauty!

I was lucky enough to ask her some quick questions about her modelling career, if she believes in star signs or not and what her favourite place in the world is.

Hi Charlotte, thanks so much for speaking to us!

How did you get in to modelling?

My agent Erika scouted me on Instagram.

What’s been your favourite modelling job you’ve done so far and why?
I’ve worked with some awesome teams so that’s hard! I just shot with Magda Wosinska for Urban Outfitters in LA and I definitely would say that would be at the top of my list. I made some awesome friends, went to the most amazing locations, the whole experience was so rad.


If you weren’t modelling what would you be doing?
Either studying or travelling

Do you believe in star signs?
I do, I’m a Capricorn 🙂

Where is your favourite place in the world and why?
I would say LA at the moment, I love it! I’ve been going back and forth and I still have so much I would love to do and see. I’m desperate to go to one of the comedy lounges there to see some of my favourite stand ups.

What are your all time favourite bands?
Fleetwood Mac and Marilyn Manson

Who are you listening to at the moment?
Big Sean

Does the music you listen to influence your personal style?

Favourite decade for fashion and music?
A mix of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Thank you Charlotte!

Obviously this gorgeous chica is the epitome of Aussie cool and with a flourishing modelling career already in place, keep an eye out for her as the next big thing! We sure will be! Obviously, with one of her favourite bands being Fleetwood Mac, surely this was aways going to be the case?! Check out Charlotte’s Instagram here: _charlottejane



Jan, 15

Purple is my colour

If you’re blessed/cursed with paler than pale skin like myself, they you may have already discovered that wearing  purple is an utterly fantastic way to make your skin tone look pretty damn good. Purple is my colour.


I bought this purple vintage dress in a Charity Shop the other day for £10. Originally, it was a bit longer than a midi dress and it just made me look like a box with a wig on. So I chopped it off so as to make it a much more flattering length.

This faux fur leopard coat has been my saviour every Winter for about the last 4 years. Whilst it doesn’t have any kind of fastening at the front, it does have some rather extraordinarily big wizard sleeves and it always manages to keep me super warm during the bitter Winter months.









am wearing- Coat: Vintage. Dress: Vintage/charity Shop. Suede Boots: Charity Shop (Kazaar) Fedora: Unknown

Jan, 15


This will be the second piece I’ve written for online media and arts ad agency, Don’t Panic.
What’s great about them is the diversity and varied content they feature and all in the form of an online magazine.

If you fancy checking out my favourite sites for awesome online sale shopping then be sure to read my article, below!

Happy January, beauts.

Love Rock & Soul x