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Aug, 15

Getting thrifty for the Sixties


I’ve been cutting and tearing old pieces of clothing to absolute shreds for years now – I believe they call this ‘customising’, these days?

I took a jaunt home to visit my parents recently and no trip home is complete without a mass stopover at the many ‘full-of-crap-but-some-absolute-gems-to-be-had,’ style charity shops, where you can still get a jumper for 50p and a gorgeous vintage dress for £3.50. Gone are those days of cheap actual charity shop loving in London. Anyway, I digress and that topic is for another time. 

As I was rambling wanging on about, I eye-balled this gorgeous floral print dressing gown in what could only be described as a mix between a super soft tea towel and velour in material and touch. At a size 20 it looked like a tablecloth indicative of the 60’s. Luckily, those two nouns fit perfectly in to my sartorial vocabulary and I had to buy it as I knew something beautiful could be made from it. Being a non-London charity shop it cost less than your habitual morning coffee – (It was £2.00)

It had a hidden zip fastening from the collar to about 2 thirds of the way down at the front and ever so nearly grazed the floor on me. I lopped off essentially half of it’s length, turned it back to front so the zip was at the back and proceeded to raid my mama’s vast belt collection to see which would look best cinched in at the waist to take out some of the mass bulk material – And Fanny’s your Aunt, a cute floral mini dress was born. I especially adore the high neck and elasticated sleeves – thus rendering my modern day take on what was most probably some old lady’s bed wear garb!



unnamed (2)





unnamed (9)




I’m wearing: Old 60’s dressing gown – charity shop, hat: Primark years ago, belt: My mama’s from the 80’s, Shoes: My sisters, tassel cardigan: again, my sisters! Satchel: vintage

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