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Sep, 14

New York blog post

I think its fair to say I’ve been pretty blessed this year with the amount  of travelling I’ve gotten to do. From spending a month in Australia with my Mama visiting crazy relatives, to partying in the desert at Coachella for my birthday in April, driving down the West Coast, to then most recently, visiting my boyfriend in New York at the end of his 2 month work trip.

All of these trips have had at least one thing in common – MY WANT AND DESIRE for tracking down the best of the old and oldest of the not so new – CHARITY SHOPS/THRIFT STORES (or op shop if you’re in Aus) are my true bloody love and I must get in them whenever and wherever possible!
As I wasn’t blogging when I was away during my earlier trips in the year, I wanted to share a recent mini shoot I did in New York with my boyfriend and an iphone for my New York blog post… Which is far less ominous than it sounds!


I had originally arranged to do a proper shoot for Rock and Soul with some friends out there, but sadly it fell through. So me and my boyfriend took to the streets on our last day and spied some cool hot spots for some rad shots.





I love this baggy Doors band t shirt that I got in Beyond Retro a while ago. The denim Levis cutoffs were actually my dad’s way back when and my mama had them taken in years ago to wear as jeans. So I decided to well, cut them off? The long maroon crochet knit is also Beyond Retro. The black boots I got in a Charity Shop and they told me in there that a shoe shop had recently closed down nearby, so they donated all their remaining stock to the charity shops, which i thought was wonderful!






This purple velvet dress I also got in a charity shop and it cost about £2? I don’t feel it needed much adding to it as i love the simple shape and the colour alone is gorge!







Quick outfit change in a New York side street!

Being in New York, I couldn’t not take a visit to the infamous address – 64 Perry street. (This is actually where it was filmed in the West village and not where Carrie was supposed to live  on the Upper East Side.) The legendary stoop in which so many SATC shots were filmed. We just so happened to bump in to the lady a couple of times, that owned the building. I wont give away too much on what she had to say about it, but she may have mentioned that agreeing to this location being used was one of the biggest mistakes of her life! She was however, a wonderful lady!



Sorry it’s such poor quality, it was on an iphone and it was raining!


Thrift Store dwelling.


Brooklyn Industries  clothes store.


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