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Jan, 15

Purple is my colour

If you’re blessed/cursed with paler than pale skin like myself, they you may have already discovered that wearing  purple is an utterly fantastic way to make your skin tone look pretty damn good. Purple is my colour.


I bought this purple vintage dress in a Charity Shop the other day for £10. Originally, it was a bit longer than a midi dress and it just made me look like a box with a wig on. So I chopped it off so as to make it a much more flattering length.

This faux fur leopard coat has been my saviour every Winter for about the last 4 years. Whilst it doesn’t have any kind of fastening at the front, it does have some rather extraordinarily big wizard sleeves and it always manages to keep me super warm during the bitter Winter months.









am wearing- Coat: Vintage. Dress: Vintage/charity Shop. Suede Boots: Charity Shop (Kazaar) Fedora: Unknown

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