Rock and Soul

Aug, 14

Rock & Soul up and coming band interviews

Rock and Soul has been a dream of mine for about 4 years. I’ve always been a huge fan (maybe slightly obsessed?!) with vintage, thrift, charity shops and anything old. Clothes, furniture, music, whatever… I just love the nostalgia a static object can possess.




Beginning a blog can be hard, as you have to create that niche and show what sets you apart from the other bloggers out there. Fashion and music hold a forever bond and I wanted to fuse these two fantastic entities together. That’s when I decided, why not interview bands and grill them on their personal style? Ask what their favourite fashion eras are? How music may or may not have influenced their style and anything else we can draw out of those talented folk!




If you know of any bands that may like to be filmed and interviewed for my website, then please email me! OR if you have any questions you would like to ask a band we get our hands on, then please do!

We will also be starting a Streetstyle feature as soon as our photographer is back from her travels in Sri Lanka!

Also, keep your peepers peeled for my outfits of the day, starting next week! Big love x

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