Rock and Soul

Mar, 15


“The last time I wore these polka dot dungarees a year or so ago I got told I looked like I was wearing a babies pyjamas.”


I wore aforementioned dungarees on Saturday night to a friends house and two male friends commented on them; one saying I looked like I was wearing my jammies and the other decided that me wearing dungarees full stop was amusing… I MEAN.

My point is, there are just some clothes that men will never understand (high waisted boyfriend jeans being one of them) and will continue to communicate this to you until you feel acutely self conscious and want to cut them up with gardening shears in a fit of rage.

blog6And if you do like my dungarees, well I got them in River Island about three years ago, but don’t worry, other pyjamas are still available in all good superstores near you.




Polka dot dungarees: River Island

Black Polo neck: Charity shop

Black furry coat: Charity shop

Suede tan Wedges: Topshop

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