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I’m wearing: Black Topshop skinnies, Office suede Chelsea boots, Cos white tee, Zara denim shirt and vintage tan suede tassel jacket from Hanks Vintage on eBay.

From the whimsical 1920’s flappers dresses, to the 50’s Rock and Roll revolution, prompted by none other than the King himself, native American fringe-wearing wanderers, and the 70’s Woodstock boho beauties – the tassel trend has been dinging high on the fashion radar for over a century, and for good reason, too.

It’s really important to keep these wearable and diverse trends relevant and alive, not only because they look effing awesome, but because it makes it that much more alluring when you uncover a gem, (like this little tan beauty I’m wearing from an eBay vintage store) from an era that precedes a current trend mania – Which then means we don’t have to bop along to the high street and attempt to replicate an original trend, by buying new.

It can be tricky to be a curator of quality and style in a somewhat disposable world. A lot of clothes being made on the hight street right now are, unfortunately, not constructed with durability in mind – And in fear of sounding like someone’s monotonous Grandmother, they just don’t make clothes like they used to.

It’s always worth going down the vintage route for investment pieces such as jackets, as they’ve undoubtedly been made with love and care and designed to last a lifetime. From generation X, to bikers, to aged rockers – the perennial fringe et tassel are a staple statement, and, I hope, will continue to be so for many generations to come.

The positives of recycling trends:

1. You’ll look far more unique and inspiring than anyone else wearing the current high street ‘trend’, if you nab something of the same trend, but from way back when.

2. Anything vintage always looks effortlessly cool regardless of era.

3. Buying investment pieces that have already stood the test of time, and continue to stand a lot longer, will keep the pennies safe.

4. Being a purveyor of quality and vintage is a positive for the environment and you know you’re contributing, even on a smaller scale – it all counts.


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