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Oct, 15

Why should we shop charity?





How much second hand, is too much second hand?

It’s come to my attention of late that the majority of my outfit posts typically include: 1 vintage piece, sometimes 1 high street piece (very seldom), and the rest are always charity shop finds. I appreciate that the point of blogging is often to promote new brands and quirky, artisan, boutique shops, to drive traffic to their site. But for me, a die-hard-charity-shop advocate, this remains to be something for me to explore.

I undoubtedly enter in to charity shops everyday, if I can. Most charity shops replenish their stock daily and there is always such a plethora of delights available – but you’ve got to want to find them. I remember a friend would always moan to me whenever I passed a charity shop and the compulsion to go in was too much to ignore, so she would be dragged in with me by her hair (not her hair or any other bodily part for that matter, but what a fun  idea). “But I can never find anything and nothing is laid out properly”, she would always lament. “What, you mean like Topshop?” I responded.

Some people just won’t find the hassle and hours of rummaging in the depths of BO ridden, mystery stained garments (and this is a sweeping generalisation here, guys), worth it. And who can blame some people? For me, the excitement of the unknown that somewhere in that shop, could be the coat of my dreams is palpable; it’s like I’m accepting a Charity-Shop-Challenge in which to find the best bit of clobber in there. And if it needs a little spruce, then it gets a little spruce. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, ALWAYS. Although I do need to stop buying clothes that have a little nick at the hem, or a rip in the collar, in the hope (no hope) that I will someday sew it up and replace that extra missing button and return it to it’s natural glory. Sometimes this happens, but sometimes clothes I buy in that state get relegated to a pile and put on my ‘to-do’ list.

What are the benefits of shopping charity shops?

Not only are the pluses of charity shops being fiscally kind to your pockets and the environment, whilst heightening your chances of finding something unique, but you are giving back to charity AND recycling. At a time where up-cycling and ‘refashioning’ are at the forefront of the ethical fashion frontiers minds, charity shops are the perfect place to tick off so many ethically sartorial shaped boxes.

Don’t be scared to shop charity. There is literally something for everyone and if it’s not clothes you fancy, then guaranteed you’ll find something weird and wonderful for your bedroom that you don’t need but can’t live without.

My favourite charity shops of the moment vary, but right now I can’t get enough of: Sue RyderTraid, and any All Aboard Hospice shops.

I’m wearing: Afghan waistcoat: Wow Retro, Polo neck and belt: Charity shop, Flares: Mango, Shoes; Topshop

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