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Aug, 14

Wilderness Festival Fashion

Having never been to Wilderness festival before (it is only 3 years old – a mere baby in the festival world) I had no first hand experience on what to expect. People had said to me that it was the most middle class festival they had ever been too…! So as soon as we arrived, I’m not sure if I was surprised or not to find a food stall selling lobster and a Gin & Tonic bar with a plethora of posh and exciting flavour infused gins!


Hanging out in my ripped Topshop jeans, charity shop boots, tassel top and leopard button up i bought recently from Beyond Retro which is actually from the lingerie section.

What I adored about Wilderness, was that it actually felt like a big group of like minded people hanging out together, as opposed to the typical commericalised and rowdier festivals I’ve been to in the past.

What was great was the range of age groups in attendance. From young families, to super cool 20 somethings trying to rid their hangovers by going for a swim, to the still quirky 60 somethings having fun dancing the night away.


Wilderness didn’t care what age you are and I sometimes wish the real world had the same attitude.

The fashion was typical for a hippie, bohemian festival. Lots of fancy dress, feathers, bright prints and bindis were seen.

We were lucky enough to hang out with Game of Thrones star, Oona Chaplin. The absolute mega babe was rocking this gorgeous colourful print tunic and bright contrasting leggings. Donning her hair in plaits on top of her head, with a cutesy understated floral headband and a string of faux paper leaves draped around her neck. Complete with sunnies and the oh so functional yet fashionable neon bum bag!
Her outfit really reflected her personality – fun and fresh! We adore this chick too much! Big love, Oona!


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